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Save money on your Home Insurance with Foskin Financial

Numerous people are overpaying on their Home Insurance premium due to a number of reasons:

  1. Firstly check if your property is over insured?  The majority of people insure their buildings based on the value of the property rather than the rebuild cost.  Home Insurance with Foskin FinancialRemember your site is quite valuable but wont burn down. To find out how much your house should be insured for – check out the Chartered Surveyors of Ireland on  http://www.scsi.ie/about_us/rebuildcalculator
  2. You should review your cover on an annual basis as most insurance companies increase your buildings sum insured annually. Remember that the insurance company will not pay if your house is over insured likewise they will not pay if the property is under insured.
  3. Are your contents over insured – Do a quick calculation of your contents and you will be surprised – your insurer will have index linked your cover over the years with the result many people are paying for contents cover of 80k and over when 25k to 50k is sufficient.  Remember that fitted items such as kitchen, timber floors and built in wardrobes should be included under the buildings rather than contents.
  4. Are you claiming all your discounts – typical discounts are:
    • If you are over 50
    • Did not have a claim within last 5 years
    • Have 2 smoke alarms
    • Have an alarm fitted


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