Serious illness

Specified illness cover

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how important it is to protect your family and business interests against the many ways they can be put at risk.  It is not pleasant to think what Critical_Illness_Insurancewould happen if you or your partner were to suffer a serious illness.  Worse still, if one of your children were to suffer a serious illness or needed to travel abroad for treatment, would you be in the position to cope financially?

What is Specified Illness Cover?

Specified illness cover also known as critical illness pays you a tax free lump sum should you suffer from one of a list of illnesses covered.  This can be used to maintain your standard of living, pay for medical bills and help you cope during a difficult time.  You are four times more likely to contract a serious illness before the age of 65 than you are to die.

The Benefits of Specified Illness Cover

  1. It gives you a lump sum should you suffer from one of a list of illnesses covered.
  2. This is yours to spend as you wish, for medical bills or adapt your home to make your day-to-day life easier.
  3. We can arrange the most comprehensive specified illness cover in Ireland and at the most competitive price.

With most serious illness policies your children are covered for up to half of your cover up to a maximum of 25k

There are a number of additional benefits that you can add on to your serious illness policy for an additional premium.  These benefits are;

  • Hospital Cash (hospital cash is paid out if you are in hospital for more then 3 days you are paid a daily rate which you decide on when taking out the policy)
  • Personal Accident Benefit (This benefit begins 14 days after your accident.  You will get paid for each week you are unable to work in your current occupation.  You will get paid either half your weekly earnings or the amount of benefit you decide to set up)
  • Waiver of premium benefit (if you are unable to work due to injury or illness the insurance company will pay your premiums after a certain period has passed usually 26 weeks. Payments will stop on your recovery)
  • Conversion Option/ Protection Continuation option (you can convert your policy to a longer term without giving additional medical evidence)
  • Inflation Protection option (Your policy will increase annually in line with inflation)
  • Permanent Total Disablement benefit (This benefit is payable if you or someone covered on your policy becomes permanently, totally and irreversibly unable to perform current working duties.)
  • Surgical Cash benefit (In the event that you require either major or intermediate surgery, a payment will be made.  For major surgery, the payment will not exceed the lesser of 25k and 10% of the serious illness sum insured)



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